Northeast Yeast Released Homebrew Competition 2

One yeast to rule them all! A homebrew competition just for you!
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Northeast Yeast Released Homebrew Competition 2


May 10, 11:00 AM
City Acre Brewing, 3418 Topping Street, Houston, TX, USA

About The Event

By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to adhere to the following rules:


1) Everyone must use Wyeast 1728.  You don’t have to get it through us but you do have to use Wyeast.  White Labs is not the same strain no matter what the internet says. If you plan on getting it through us, you must mark that on the registration form in the field provided. Feel free to look up its characteristics online but we find our house yeast to be a vigorous, cooler temperature-loving, highly flocculent yeast.

2) Sign up online or at the brewery starting May 10th. The sign up deadline is May 26th. If you are registered, you can start brewing ASAP. Yeast will be available for pick up anytime during regular business hours starting on May 12th. If you registered online, be prepared to show your registration when you pick up your yeast.

3) Tasting event is on Saturday July 17th in City Acre’s backyard. Bring your beer with you that day.

4) BJCP criteria do not apply but good brewing practices should be used.

5) No beers over 7% abv.

6) No rare or expensive ingredients or anything that you can’t find at a typical homebrew shop or grocery store.

7) Scoring totals will be made up of both City Acre judges and crowd votes.

8) Homebrewer must bring at least two gallons worth of the batch to serve on the day of the tasting event.  Bottles or kegs are acceptable but you must bring your own equipment. We’ll provide the tasting cups.

9) Everyone should be able to fit under shaded or covered areas but if you want to bring a tent feel free to do so.  If you want to decorate your area, you are welcome to do so.

10) Prizes are as follows:


  • Respect
  • Participation in brewing the commercial batch of the winning beer
  • Naming rights of the beer when it comes out in the City Acre taproom
  • A keg of their beer once it’s been brewed at City Acre
  • $100 gift certificate to City Acre

Second place

•  $40 gift certificate to City Acre

•  A high five, maybe two

Third place

•  Just one high five, definitely not two but good job!

•  $20 gift certificate to City Acre

  • Hombrew Entry
  • Free Admission to the Tasting